Errand Running and Beyond

List of available services below

  • All Shopping
  • Out of town errands (deliveries, pickups, shopping, etc)
  • Dog walking
  • Office errands
  • Party/Event prep
  • Gift shopping & gift wrapping
  • Pharmacy runs
  • Food pickup/drop off
  • Watering (plants/gardens)
  • Pet care
  • Making copies/printing
  • UPS/Post Office/FedEx
  • House sitting/house checks
  • Bill pay
  • Home organization
  • Writing/typing
  • House/vehicle/office cleaning
  • Elderly/loved one wellness checks
There are many other services we are available for. If you do not see your service listed do not hesitate to call/text to see if we can put time back in your hands today!

Note: mileage fees apply to any errand outside of a 15 mile radius from Grass Valley city center

However, all distances are accepted!

TEXT OR CALL (530)205-6833